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You Can Do Anything For 30 Minutes

You Can Do Anything For 30 Minutes

One of my best friends told me that she started breaking daily tasks down in 30-minute increments and that it revolutionized her productivity. 

Many times, the thought of dedicating a large amount of time to something can be daunting. Or, maybe you don’t know how long the project will even take to finish. 

Setting a timer for 30 minutes is a slightly formal way of forcing you to just start. It’s a similar methodology to the Agile framework, where teams work in a sprint of blocked time to finish a certain amount of tasks. 

Instead of being at the bottom of a mountain and scrambling to the top, you’ll be doing short jaunts to achieve your goal with energy to spare. 

When we experience even small amounts of success, our brains release dopamine, which is connected to feelings of pleasure, learning and motivation.

Taking advantage of these bouts of instant gratification as a stepping stone to finishing your project is just what your brain wants! Many psychologists say that checking items off of a checklist — no matter how small — motivates us to move forward. 

Does the thought of working out for an hour seem like too much? Give it 30 minutes. You’ll most likely want to continue for the entire hour after you start. I mean, at this point, you’re already sweaty —  what's another 30 minutes? 

Are you getting distracted and can’t write? Put yourself in a quiet space and set the timer for 30 minutes. You may not have a completed section, but it will be more progress than you had before. Even better, try this with friends at a coffee shop — and offer to give feedback on each other’s writing afterward. 

Have you been putting off a necessary yet annoying work project? Just dedicate a bit of time to work on it every day. It doesn’t seem so bad if it’s just a 30-minute hold on your calendar. 

Is your house in desperate need of organization and a deep clean? Do one room at a time, and start with the toughest one. The next time you work up the energy, set another 30-minute timer and keep going. 

Can you not seem to find time to work on your hobby or side hustle? Every single person is busy with something. But if you can carve 30 minutes out of your day today, you’ll thank yourself later. 

The next time you feel like your to-do list is getting too long, break everything down into smaller tasks and set a timer for 30 minutes. You may be surprised at how much you’ll accomplish, and may even want to keep it going for another 30. 

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