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How to Sell Stuff Quickly on Facebook Marketplace

How to Sell Stuff Quickly on Facebook Marketplace

Nobody’s got time for all that back-and-forth nonsense. I move a lot. When you move a lot, you tend to sell a lot.

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Facebook Marketplace is probably the only reason I still have a Facebook account, and they built a solid product to sell your stuff fast.

There’s a pretty good bet that the Facebook account is tied to a real person, and there are reviews available to see what type of buyer the person is. This helps weed out some of the Craigslist creeps and adds more transparency to the process.

But because of the wide reach of Facebook, I normally get an exorbitant amount of messages about my Marketplace posts. Here are some tried-and-true tips to cut out the noise and sell your stuff ASAP.

  1. Use good photos and a descriptive title. These are the basic tenants of selling anything online. If they can’t see what you’re buying, they won’t want it. Take clear pictures and be clear about what you’re selling.

  2. Measure the dimensions and put them in the title. For many items, people will ask about the dimensions. Place them right in the title so you aren’t answering the same questions repeatedly.

  3. Say what you mean and use tags. Selling things quickly means getting down to business. I usually put “Cash only, pickup only, no holds, first come first serve” in my item description. You can use tags in order for more people to easily find your item.

  4. Posting to groups may get overwhelming. Facebook gives you the option to post to groups in your area. These groups are normally dedicated to selling certain types of items, normally furniture and household goods. If you post to them, the response may be a zillion messages in your inbox. I find that normally, just posting to marketplace does the trick.

  5. Give a time window option in your response. Same day is usually best. After you post, you’ll start seeing people responding “Is this available?” This is the default message Facebook suggests that they send. I try to be as efficient and specific as possible in my response. For example: “Yes, available for pickup between 2 and 3pm today. First come first serve.” If they are truly interested, they will prioritize getting there to buy it.

  6. Don’t give your address until you have a firm time set up. If the person responds promptly that they can be there and asks for the address, only then do you send it to them. Never send your phone number and keep the communication on Messenger.

  7. Message the person 30 minutes before the time they said they would show up to make sure they are on their way. It’s always a good idea to confirm that they will still arrive at the time they said.

  8. No-shows or ghosts = onto the next one. Don’t wait around all day! Go back to your message list in the order you received them and paste your response to a few. Someone else will be interested soon.

  9. Be nice, leave a review :) Facebook makes it easy to leave feedback on your experience with the buyer.

With these Marketplace tips, you’ll be selling your stuff at the speed of light, and ready to move on to your next adventure with some cash in your pocket. Now that’s really what “sparking joy” is all about.

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